Hi, the purpose of this website is to put forward, in the form of a short, futuristic story, a healthier destination for the human race to aim for (other than 'our current, unstable and perilous destination.')

The story itself, called 'The Vision', contains some practical 'Ideas of Change' - which, one day, might well be included in the manifesto of a very different political party - for deliberately introducing 'a safer and happier world.'

However, these adjustments in direction, based on 'The Notion of Unity', should not be seen as a threat to 'the well-off’ but as a necessary and desirable way forward whereby Life, as we know it, can continue on this planet.

Thus, for example, vehicles will still exist but they will be non-polluting (and fewer in number); goods and food outlets will still be available but they will be responsibly sourced; places of worship will still be around but with their scriptures and services updated; our off-spring will still be educated but via a liberating, self-regulatory approach; and, human affairs will still be organised but with each of us having a greater say over our lives and surroundings.

Such adaptations, therefore, to the dysfunctional aspects of today's 'primitive civilisation', will ensure that every body's needs are met in socially just and ecologically sustainable ways and 'A More Advanced Society' created.

Yours for conscious evolution,

 Colin, East Anglia, UK


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